Card of the Day: 1961 Topps Don Hoak

Card of the Day
In today’s This Date in Pittsburgh Pirates History article, we mentioned that the Pirates traded third baseman Don Hoak to the Philadelphia Phillies on this date in 1962. I figured for today’s Card of the Day, we would look back at happier times for Hoak because that trade didn’t work…

Card of the Day: 1970 Topps Dave Giusti

Card of the Day
Today’s Card of the Day article is our first one for the 1970 Topps set, and the first one featuring Dave Giusti, who turn 81 years old today. He spent the 1970-76 seasons with the Pittsburgh Pirates. None of his Topps photos really stand out from the others, but all…

Card of the Day: 1912 T207 Turkey Mike Donlin

Card of the Day
Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Today’s Card of the Day was decided on the day we started this series. It couldn’t be anything other than a T207 Mike Donlin, who went by the nickname “Turkey” during his day because of the way he walked. He was only with the Pittsburgh Pirates for…

Game Rewind: Pirates at Phillies, July 7, 1923

Pirates Game Rewind
On July 7, 1923, Pittsburgh Pirates third baseman Pie Traynor etched his name into the team record books with an extraordinary hitting feat against the Philadelphia Phillies. The two teams met at the Baker Bowl on that Saturday afternoon. The Pirates were the much better team at the time, holding…