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Gene Clines Passes Away at 75 Years Old

The Pittsburgh Pirates announced the passing of Gene Clines, outfielder for the 1970-74 Pirates. He was 75 years old. It is with heavy hearts that we confirm the passing of former Pirate Gene Clines. Gene was part of the first all-minority lineup in Major League Baseball history. We send our…

Card of the Day: 2003 Bazooka Bazooka Joe

Card of the Day
Many of you looked at the title and instantly had question marks floating over your head. Isn’t this a Pittsburgh Pirates Card of the Day feature? Why does it have the word bazooka back-to-back in the title? And many other odd questions that I will hopefully answer. I’m here to…

Card of the Day: N300 Mayo Tom Kinslow

Card of the Day
Today’s Card of the Day comes from a set that I consider to be very important. Baseball cards were very popular during the 1887-89 time period, then the production of them died off for the most part until around 1908. There are exceptions to that statement, but not many, and…

Card of the Day: 1937 Goudey Wide Pen Cy Blanton

Card of the Day
Today’s Card of the Day comes from the 1937 Goudey set referred to as the Wide Pen set. Today’s featured player is pitcher Cy Blanton, who played for the Pittsburgh Pirates from 1934 through 1939. There’s no good reason to feature Blanton on January 24th. He was born in July,…