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Card of the Day: 2009 Topps Heritage Joel Hanrahan

Card of the Day
Once again I’m using a different card than my first choice because I couldn’t find an acceptable scan, but I’m okay with that happening. That’s because it has been two years (July 2, 2020) since I used the 2009 Topps Heritage set in our Card of the Day series. That…

Card of the Day: 1993 Fleer John Wehner

Card of the Day
I have never used the 1993 Fleer set in this Card of the Day series yet. When I noticed that by searching old articles, I realized that I’ve used the Fleer Ultra set numerous times from that year already. No surprise there, since that is one of my favorite sets.…

Card of the Day: 1984 Ralston Purina Bill Madlock

Card of the Day
In 1984, Topps and Ralston Purina teamed up for a 33-card baseball card set and called it their “1st annual collectors’ edition”. Three years later, they made their second set together and they were smart enough to call it the “1987 collectors’ edition”. They ended up making a 1989 set,…

Card of the Day: 1997 Score Jermaine Allensworth

Card of the Day
I really owe the year 1997 an apology. It was such an exciting year for Pittsburgh Pirates baseball with the Freak Show in full effect. You would think that I would try to include cards from that year more often. However, today’s Card of the Day is just the second…

Card of the Day: 1941 Play Ball Debs Garms

Card of the Day
Today’s Pittsburgh Pirates Card of the Day features the man who is perhaps the least known player in baseball history to win a batting title, though at the same time, that’s what may prevent him from holding that title. Debs Garms wasn’t a regular during the 1940 season, but he…