Card of the Day: 1992 Donruss Barry Bonds

Today’s Card of the Day selection came about because the eight former Pittsburgh Pirates players born on November 22nd had just one card produced while they were with the Pirates, and that card was already featured here. I was surprised to find out that there were no cards of Dale Sveum on the Pirates, despite spending three seasons with the team during a time period when cards were being mass produced. When I couldn’t line up a card with today’s history, I decided to feature a set that hasn’t been in this series yet. That’s how we ended up with a 1992 Donruss card, and I picked Barry Bonds because he’s an all-time great who has been here just twice before in the 20 months that this series has been running.

Here’s the front of the card:

I’m a big fan of the road grays from back in 1991 when this photo was taken. This is a nice action shot of Bonds, which looked a bit different from the rest as I was scrolling through scans. I’m not 100% sure how I feel about the design here. I like the way that wrote out the player names, though I’m not sure why all of the spaces inside the letters (B,A,R,O) are all colored in black and the D isn’t. I noticed that detail because I was really looking close for something to talk about. There just isn’t a lot going on with the design. I’d be interested to hear what others think about it…

Here’s the back of the card:

The back adds a second photo of Bonds. Donruss really bunched a lot in here along with the photo. You get the bio information on him, the stats, which were limited to five seasons (he was a rookie in 1986), the career highlights section, and the contract section. I’ve mentioned it before, but that section has helped me write up some player bios, because for some reason it’s hard to find contract details from back in the 1980’s, even with a subscription to If I was rating this card (which I am sort of doing), I would definitely give extra points for the back.

If you’re interested in adding this card to your collection, you’ll be happy to know that a card produced nearly 30 years ago of an all-time great is cheap. The scan I used here is from an auction that had the card for $1 delivered and it even had a best offer option too. There are plenty of common cards of bench player types that we feature here that you can’t even get that cheap. There’s an interesting pair of graded cards that came up when I searched by highest price first. A PSA 9 has a $55 delivered price tag. A PSA 10 is the next highest priced card and it’s $40, with a best offer option. If you are unaware, a PSA 10 is usually worth a lot more than a PSA 9, so one of those prices is too high. In fact, a PSA 10 recently ended for $33, so even that price is a little high, though there’s the best offer option to use if that particular card interests you.

This card has an error version that is actually shown above, and it’s a very minor error. Look on the left side of the back for the word “INC”. Most cards have “INC.”, but some have no period at the end. Two Ebay sellers are trying to make a fortune off of the error card. As mentioned, you can buy the card in the scan above for $1. I actually bought the error and corrected cards in one auction just now and paid $1.66 shipped for the two cards. If you want the error, just check back scans. Most people don’t know about it, but you can also search “1991 Donruss Bonds error” on Ebay and find a few cheap examples, which is what I did and I bought the cheapest one, plus got the corrected card thrown in for a great price.